Driving Partners in Trust

Terms and Conditions

DRIVER SAB is a proprietary service under the stewardship of Amplework Software PVT LTD.

This legal agreement exists between Amplework Software PVT LTD, operating under the brand name DRIVER SAB, and its associated drivers. This agreement becomes binding for both parties once agreed upon. DRIVER SAB is dedicated to creating opportunities for drivers, and connecting them with vehicle owners across India.

Drivers can access the platform (app) with their mobile number and OTP, ensuring they can manage and update their profiles as needed. DRIVER SAB retains limited rights to the data shared by drivers, with a strong commitment to protecting driver privacy.

DRIVER SAB acts as a bridge, using its digital platform to seamlessly connect professional drivers to vehicle owners who need short-term or long-term driving services. As a registered driver (second party), you authorize DRIVER SAB to represent your service availability to prospective clients.

The specifics of this agreement pertain to:

   – Any services not delineated in this agreement are excluded unless mutually documented and agreed upon.

   – Financial settlements between the driver and DRIVER SAB are as per the pre-defined agreement terms.

   – If any other written agreement surfaces between DRIVER SAB and the driver concerning services, the most recent one takes precedence.

   – This agreement’s duration commences upon the driver’s acceptance and lasts until the end of their service period. Renewals are inherent for continuing services unless otherwise delineated.

   – DRIVER SAB holds the right to terminate this contract due to reasons such as breach of trust, any misleading information from the driver, or failure in settling due payments.

   – The driver is solely responsible for any liabilities or issues arising during the service.

   – Non-adherence to these conditions could lead to service termination and potential legal action.

All promotional offers by DRIVER SAB are provisional and can change. Drivers are obligated to respect the set terms for any ongoing promotions or offers.

This agreement adheres to the legal framework within the Jaipur jurisdiction. Any modifications must be in writing, mutually discussed, and agreed upon. This contract encapsulates all the discussed terms, overriding all previous agreements or discussions.

For disputes, a resolution through mediation, followed by binding arbitration, will be sought in accordance with local legal procedures.