The Cost Factor How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Driver

The Cost Factor: How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Driver?

When you are going to hire a driver for a road trip the main factor that needs your consideration is cost. You need to check all the pricing-related aspects of that company from where you are hiring a driver. Booking a professional driver can be much costlier with most of the local driver rental services. As there are a lot of hidden charges that you have to pay them. This might result in emptying your pockets. That’s why most individuals still believe that hiring a driver is not their cup of tea, just because it is an expensive task. Here DriverSab comes into existence, delivering you with the most affordable, reliable, and professional drivers at your service. Since our drivers are highly experienced professionals who are well-versed in the local areas, navigating you seamlessly without the hassles of getting stuck in traffic for long periods. In this blog, we will be explaining how much it costs to hire a driver to drive your car with DriverSab and how affordable our driver rental services are for individuals who are seeking the same.

Here’s the Pricing of DriverSab’s Driver Rental Packages

1. Rapid Rides

This package is for those individuals who are searching for driver rental per day services only for a couple of hours. Whether they need it for the daily commutes, meeting visits, or for necessary errands. When you hire a driver for 2 hours with us its price starts from Rs. 2 per minute which is quite affordable for every individual.

2. City Explorer Trips

It is suitable for those individuals who are looking for driver rental services for more than 2 hours. So if your drive extends to approximately 4 hours then, our prices go down to Rs. 1 per minute. This package is suitable for those who are looking to explore the local areas of the city or for long-distance commutes.

3. Half-Day Driver

When you need a driver for rent for approximately 6 hours, DriverSab offers you a casual cruise package that costs you 0.9 paise per minute. That is slightly lower than the city explorer one. This is a quietly affordable package for those who need a driver only for half of the day for their commutes. 

4. Full Day

Need a driver for full-day errands or commutes, no need to worry when DriverSab is here offering you a most affordable driver rental per day package. Which costs the individuals a sum of 0.8 paise per minute. So whenever you need to hire a driver for 8 hours or more then this package is more suitable for you as the prices are a bit lower than the previously discussed ones.

5. Day to Evening

Enjoy the commutes or longer distance travels that last from 8 to 10 hours at a quiet affordable price range that is 0.7 paise per minute with DriverSab. This driver rental package is designed for individuals who are seeking to hire a driver for a road trip, especially when they need a round trip for outstations for the same day. Since it is a budget-friendly driver rental package that every individual can afford with ease.

6. Outstation Trips

For the ultimate experience of adventurous road trips, you should choose this package which is the cheapest in the segment. The driver charges per day for outstation trips is 0.60 paise per minute. So whenever you need a driver 24/7 service then this package is the best and affordable for you.

Why You Should Choose DriverSab?

1. Convenience

Hiring a driver for rent per day with DriverSab is a completely convenient process for individuals. They can hire a driver using our mobile app or call our backend team, specifying all your trip-related needs. That’s why hiring a driver with us is easier and provides you with total convenience without any hassles.

2. Budget Friendliness

DriverSab offers you a wide range of affordable driver rental packages that can be customized as per your requirements. We have made driver rental services affordable for people who always think of the question “How much to hire a driver?”.

3. Experienced drivers

Our fleet of drivers is highly qualified and experienced to drive different cars. They are also well versed with the local routes and the rules & regulations of the city. Making your journey much safer and hassle-free. Especially when it comes to driving, navigating, and parking your car.

4. Flexibility

When it comes to driver hiring modules, DriverSab offers its clients customizable driver rental services that can be transformed according to the travel requirements of our clients. No matter the timing when you need the service, we provide a driver 24/7 services.

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Searching for an Affordable Driver Rental Service? Go with DriverSab


1. How much does it cost to hire a driver with DriverSab?

The pricing for our driver rental services depends on the duration of hiring a driver. However, the pricing starts from 0.60 paise per minute, when you hire a driver for more than 10 hours or if you need them only for 2 hours then the price starts from Rs. 2 per minute. Our price range is quite affordable and economical for individuals.

2. Are there any sort of hidden charges that are applicable, when you hire a driver with DriverSab?

No, there are no hidden charges when you hire a driver with DriverSab. We only charge you for the driver rental service that you have chosen with us. Also if you didn’t provide the food and accommodation to the drivers when on the outstation trips. The charges for the same are applicable.

3. How can I book a driver with DriverSab?

For booking a driver with DriverSab you can download our mobile app available for both the Android and iOS platforms or you can also book a driver on call with our backend team.

4. What are the areas for which I can hire a driver with DriverSab?

Since our drivers are well-versed in driving your car for outstation trips within the country. So no matter what your destination is, DriverSab always holds you back when you need our drivers for your commutes. 

5. Does DriverSab take care of client Safety?

Yes, even the client’s safety is our biggest priority. We only hire a driver having a clean and clear track record in terms of driving. Also, our drivers have to go through a rigorous verification and testing process. That’s how we ensure the client’s safety at its best.